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How to Choose the Best Phone Case Manufacturer for Your Business

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How to Choose the Best Phone Case Manufacturer for Your Business

Mobile devices have become an indispensable part of consumers’ lives with every household having an average of 2 phones at the very least. The popularity of mobile phones has led to a parallel burgeoning industry- that of the mobile phone case.
The phone case is now considered an essential accessory that most people cannot do without. From being a protective case for expensive devices it has now evolved into a fashion statement. 
The growing demand does not only come from end-users but also from companies that use them for promotional purposes or as corporate giveaways. Institutions like schools use mobile phone cases for their devices to carry their name or logo. And if you’re an enterprising individual who wants to cater to these markets, you can sell mobile phone cases as a wholesaler or retailer.
As such, you need to find the right manufacturer and supplier for your business. Given the numerous factors to consider like quality, cost, and logistics, it can be challenging to select the best phone case manufacturer to supply you with saleable products.
But before getting to the details of how to pick the right maker, let’s have a quick background story about the mobile phone case evolution and market.

The History of Phone Case

Did you know that the first protective case for a cellular phone was an actual briefcase? This carrying case looked clunky, but it served its purpose of protecting the huge cellular phone.
Phone cases back then were usually made of leather (or faux leather) meant to protect these bulky cellular phones. Cases were often fitted with a garter on the side to make the thick cellular phone fit into the case.
Simple hard plastic was used to protect the keypads or buttons that were very prominent. Eventually, cellular phones became smaller and so did their phone cases. With the advent of the smaller and sleeker smartphones, phone case manufacturers soon zeroed in on thinner yet still functional cases. The designs of these new cases focused on protecting the bigger phone screens that are mostly touch-controlled.

The Future of Phone Case Business  

Smartphones today are no longer used just for calling or sending text messages. These nifty devices are now considered productivity tools and are increasingly used for work-related activities like sending reports, creating spreadsheets, etc. They are also used as entertainment aids and it is almost inconceivable for smartphones to come without data or internet connection and numerous other essential features.
Given the cost of many of the high-end smartphones, they are considered investments and it would be only natural for people to protect their investment. This has been the primary reason for the popularity of smartphone cases, resulting in a thriving mobile phone case manufacturing industry.

How to Choose the Right Phone Case Manufacturer

Since the industry has been growing, many manufacturers have sprung up to meet the market demand. If you are setting your sights on a profitable phone case retail or wholesale business, weed out the good ones from the run-of-the-mill by considering these factors:

1.Reputation of the Manufacturer

Gather information about the manufacturer’s business ethics towards its partners, suppliers, employees, and customers. Doing business with those of shady reputation can not only affect your partnership but it can also drag you down with them if they’re known for unscrupulous practices.
What are other people saying about this manufacturer? Are they environmentally responsible? Do their products adhere to standards or do they cut corners to profit more? Are their employees often on strike? Do they rip off their suppliers and customers? These things could disrupt your business and affect your reputation as well in the long run so you better have this checked.

2. Operational Capabilities of the Manufacturer

How is the quality of their processes, manpower, and machinery? Do they have a consistent quality assurance system that ensures that the products delivered to you are free from damage or inconsistencies? Can they customize their products?
Are they capable of meeting your demands in terms of specifications and volume? A manufacturer’s length of experience and depth of expertise play a big part here. If the manufacturer is relatively new in the industry, make sure that your contract includes clauses favorable to protecting your interest in case of non-fulfillment of a service level agreement on their end. This will serve as an added security for your business should you choose to proceed with the partnership.

3.Logistic Capabilities of the Manufacturer

Look into their ability to deliver within your set lead time, as well as contingency measures in cases of unforeseeable delays. Also, depending on your business model, you have to know whether they can offer you delivery systems like drop shipping or delivering directly to your customers straight from their factory as this could give you an advantage in terms of cost.
What is their fleet like and where are they located? If they use a third-party delivery service, make sure that it is reliable and known for efficiency in the industry. Can they ensure safe and timely delivery of the goods to your place of business considering your location?

4.Ease of Negotiation of the Manufacturer

When it comes to cost and logistics especially, choose a manufacturer that provides room for flexibility in the interest of building a smooth and lasting partnership with you. How open are they to accommodating your reasonable requests? Can they provide you with favorable payment terms and conditions? Do they provide perks and volume discounts that give them a differential advantage compared to other manufacturers?

5. Product Quality and Aesthetics of the Manufacturer

Are they capable of coming up with innovative, unique, and creative designs? Are their materials durable and aesthetically pleasing? Phone cases have evolved into fashion statements and personality expressions, so it is important to have a manufacturer that keeps pace with the latest styles, trends, and techniques. 
The manufacturer must be capable of meeting your customers’ wants as there are now numerous phone case designs for every conceivable need. There are sporty, all-weather phone cases, waterproof cases, slim cases, rubberized phone cases that give that extra grip, and many others.
Depending on your market, you can sell regular, inexpensive ones or upscale and luxurious ones (with some even incorporated with real gems like gold, diamond, or silver), and your manufacturer should be aligned with your requirements.

6.Other Important Factors

You should also take note of other details such as their minimum and maximum order quantity, return policy, responsiveness, and ability to answer your queries and concerns past language barriers (very important when working with overseas suppliers). Not being able to contact your supplier and get a response from them promptly can cause delays and unresolved matters. This can largely and directly affect your ability to settle customer complaints and disputes in your own business.

Start Your Mobile Phone Cases Business Now

There are many reasons why people use phone cases and the most obvious one is for protection. However, many people also use them as lifestyle statements.
As a smartphone is an everyday gadget that is subject to rough handling and the usual wear and tear in the course of the day, it needs protection and the phone case industry meets this need. Without a phone case to protect it, the metal finish or the glossy color of smartphones might fade or get scratched. End users, companies, schools, and others are aware of this and so there remains a large and growing market for mobile phone cases worldwide.
As a business owner, you can have your share of this pie by forming a reliable and mutually beneficial partnership with a manufacturer that can help you enrich and protect your business, much like what a case does to a phone.
Take your time, do your research, and build a flourishing phone case business.  

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